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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be at home for a cleaning?

No, but it is certainly your preference. Most of our customers aren’t home but the vast majority purchase a lockbox or trust us with a key and alarm code. For additional security, all house keys are individually coded.

Do you make beds?

Yes. And we will change the sheets if clean ones are left on the bed. 

What time can I expect the team to arrive at my house?

We provide a one-hour estimated arrival window. We can't guarantee what time the team will precisely arrive. Weather, traffic and the preceding home-cleaning sometimes slow us down. If you require an appointment at a specific time we will need to schedule it for first-cleaning-of-the-day. Some houses take longer than others and we don't want a team to leave before it is completed in order to keep an appointment with another customer. Our first appointment of the day is at 8:00am and our last appointment is no later than 4pm.

What about my pets?

We love pets! As long as your pet is comfortable with us, he/she is free to roam. We want to ensure the safety of both your pets and our staff. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed-off room) while we are in your home.

What should I do before the cleaning crew arrives?

To make our services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to our visit, so we can concentrate on the actual cleaning. We are happy to help pick-up if you cannot.. We will pick up toys, laundry, dishes, just no poo please. However, we will need extra time to finish the job and we need to charge for it.

Why hire someone that is bonded and insured when unlicensed and uninsured cleaners cost less?

Persons & companies who work “under the table” do so without thought of long term repercussions to either themselves or their customers. They charge less because they are not paying taxes, medical, workman's comp, insurance, and social security into the system. When something goes wrong, these workers will often disappear without a trace. You the customer have a responsibility in making sure that you check to see if those who offer to work for you are legitimate. Protect your home and family: work with insured professionals!

Do Team members speak English?

We are a non-discriminating employer and have a diverse, multi-cultural staff. Good communication is important to us. Thus, we ask our clients to contact us to relay any notes or requests. We add this information to the team's work orders. Our teams are in touch with the office via cell phone throughout the work day. We can call a team to relay a message for you even while they are working in your home. Just let us know.

Do you do dishes or Laundry?

No. We do not provide laundry or dish washing service at this time.

Can we hire one of the Cris' cleaning squad staff members?

Our employees are vital to us, and we invest valuable resources in their training and ongoing employment. A fee of $2,500 will be applied to any client hiring a staff member from Cris’ Cleaning Squad while they are still employed with our company. Additionally, our staff members sign a non-compete clause, extending the restriction for 1 year beyond their last day of employment.

May I tip my cleaning team?

Tipping is not necessary, but with many service professionals, tipping is greatly appreciated and a nice way to show gratitude for a job well done. If you do elect to tip your maids for each cleaning, 5- 30% of your total charge is appropriate and it should be split between your team. Even if you opt not to tip each time, you may want to include a tip in your check, during the holiday season. In either case, the tip is more of a “thank you” bonus.

Why if I have to skip, cancell or change the day of my cleaning?

Please contact us 24 business-hours before your scheduled clean without penalty. Otherwise, a fee may apply. Without proper notice and/or we can't access your home the day of your scheduled cleaning, a “lock-out fee” of 50% percent of your regular cleaning rate will be assessed. However, when the system generates these dates, they become your regular schedule. If you ask for a reschedule of a specific date, nothing will change to your regular dates. If you reschedule for a week later from your regular date, the following appointment date will stay the same. When you request a total change of schedule based on the last appointment, we cannot guarantee the same crew. We can reschedule or proceed with your next scheduled service. There will be an additional charge if we proceed with you next scheduled clean as our cleaning crew may be in your home longer than usual. Frequent cancellations may result in a cancellation fee, a price increase and loss of your scheduled time-slot or preferred cleaning team. If you are set up for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning and you skip a cleaning, the next time we clean, your rate will change. Our weekly customers that skip a cleaning will have to pay the biweekly rate. The biweekly customers that skip a cleaning will pay the monthly rate and for our monthly customers that skip a cleaning we will have an additional charge of $30.

Why if I am not happy with my cleaning?

Cris' Cleaning Squad backs all its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any area we have cleaned, just contact us within 24 business hours and we will come back and re-clean the area at no additional charge.

May I request team members to remove their shoes to clean our house?

No. For personal safety reasons, team members are required to wear shoes at all times when cleaning. We are sorry, but for liability for the customer and the company, all team members have to wear tennis shoes when cleaning, but we provide shoes cover.

What if something in my home is damage or broken?

While we always take great care while cleaning your home, accidents do happen. Our teams are trained to report all damage to the office immediately, and we will contact you to discuss repairs, replacement, or reimbursement. We are insured and a copy of our insurance policy is available upon your request. Our staff is trained to work thoroughly and carefully but accidents can happen on even the best cleaning teams. Therefore, we encourage you to put away any valuables or heirlooms to avoid mishaps. Items that are typically excluded from coverage include but not limited to; cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and electronics. If you have any irreplaceable collectable or expensive objects, we ask that those items be properly secured or put away in order to avoid accidents, or loss of those items.

Do I have to provide any equipment or cleaning supplies?

For the first and second cleaning we will provide everything we would need to leave your house sparkling! After the second cleaning you will receive a list of the cleaning supplies we will need for the fallowing cleanings. You may also purchase the products of your choice. We will bring our Mop and vacuum cleaner for all cleanings.

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